Pastel Princess

Lace Lolita Baby Choker

this is -11000000x more lame than i expected it to be u . u
but this is for the lovely petitepasserine​ after going through that really embarrassing fiasco a few days ago
please DO NOT repost/edit/steal/self-promote/ use as icons or backgrounds


it took me 1023125 years but here we are at last…. orz I’ve already introduced Adrian, but here is her magical form!! she’s ranked 4th out of 9, almost surpassing Lorelei who’s 3rd. she fights using a wide array of blades, using both regular+throwing knives she can summon forth from her apron/skirt(????) her special ability is yet to be revealed bc I still have to figure out the details.. orz oh well
necessary to mention that her outfit is also notably darker/more revealing than most of the others.. =7=

adrian’s magical girl form = true inner emo revealed

I need to find a way to match this sheer dress.